My first poetry blog

Rain Cleaning the air, by a scrubbing action, Sweeping away the mess of the bird shit. Keeping the ground moist to lift pants, Running through rivers returns to the sea. Rain on stones makes them sparkle. Lifting lifeless stone into coloured marble. Blessing the ear with a babbling sonnet. Makes you laugh at the endless […]

Orkney Boatmen

What is special about these Orkney man, He is a rugged seaman masters a small boat, He learned to row almost as he learned to walk. He had to be good, as death was a consant partner. I was made aware of just how superior was his seamanship. Because I am the son of a […]

Your Hands in Mine

Tender long fingers boned mine. Waken my heart from it’s long coldness. Time to open, we talk all night long. You open your heart, you have won mine. We are tactile people, chatting like youngsters, Lost in the thawing getting to know you. Will we become lovers? I would hope so, I would feel that […]

You Need To Remember Their Names

  Ian summed it up so well “you have to remember their names” They expect it, you go in to their pub, and they are waiting If you forget they get upset, and it spoils everything You know the sort of place I mean, you walk in and they all, STOP, turn to look.   It makes you feel like a right prick Like you have forgotten you trousers Or walked into somebody’s house  And found them making love on the sofa.   So what is their problem, do they own the pub? Well, yes in a way they do, they drink there every night Each has their own place, seat or bar stool, you don’t, So of course you are an interloper, incomer, the unwanted   So what do I do, if I turn and walk out they win, So feeling brave I order a drink, maybe even try to converse I can‘t wait to leave, the atmosphere is frigid, why do people act this way? They are the tribe you are the unwanted guest.   This is the rich pattern of life, part and parcel of being human. We are Scots – you are English We are Celtic you are Rangers We are Prodies you are a Papist   Well I for one am fed up with these small minded views, Who can only identify itself but stigmatising someone else, It  can end with verbal abuse, stabbing, even death And they repeatedly say, how kind, accepting, and loving they are.

My Voices

  I said that I don’t have any voices! But, I do, there is always an internal dialogue. The voice though is never another. The voice is clearly, me talking, to me.     So what do my voices say, how do I react? They can be critical, but not negative. They remind me that […]

All Fished Out

  The boats are all tied up, only 15 days at sea, The fishing is not what it used to be.   The cod and haddock no longer shoal Over by the French windows.   The mackerel no longer flash, By and under the piano.   The herring no longer run, Behind the darkness of […]

Barra Boy

  14 years old on a school trip Camping on a wee Hebridean Island of Barra. A few hundred yards from a silver beach. One morning we awake to two foot of water.   Our inexperienced masters pitched our tents, On a dried river bed, all clothes and food are sodden. Everything is floating around […]

On Active Duty as an Angel

    Living and working in any small town, When on active duty as an angel It is important, for your own personal safety, Not to let your mind wander, you must stay focused   The most pressing problem is Not to let somebody see your wings So you try to keep them well hidden […]